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Get the best from your candles

Just Jane candles are poured with love and attention and I want you to enjoy them at their best.

My candles are made to achieve the longest possible burn time. You may find that for the first half of your candle’s life  there is a residue of wax around the glass (this is known as a ‘hang up’). This is not a fault. By the time your candle has finished burning the ‘hang up’ will have melted down the glass. A very small residue on the glass at the end of the life of your candle is normal.

Follow these simple instructions to get long life and perfect performance from your new candle:

To keep your candle looking at it’s best store it in a cool, dark cupboard or drawer. UV light and temperature fluctuations may cause your candle to develop frosting and other flaws. These won’t affect the performance of your candle, they just make it look less than perfect!