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Graphic Design

Unique stationery / Wall art


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About The Business

Just Jane is exactly what it says - just me! I am the chief cook and bottle washer … and I am a perfectionist!

I studied graphic design over 40 years ago before computers existed and, although I never formalised that study, I have been designing and creating ever since. I grew up with computers and was lucky enough to have an affinity with them, able to quickly learn and adapt to new concepts and programmes (which was very lucky since the world of computing changed so very quickly!). But I also have a stubborn streak and a need to kick against the mainstream. I use design software, but not the one that most others use. I don’t conform to a lot of the ‘modern’ trends, preferring to seek out the differences rather than the commonalities. My style leans towards the clean and simple, I’m not really a flowery feminine type!

I am also very lucky to have a super supportive family team behind me … meet them below!

The Tester

The Boss

This is my partner Paul who brings sanity chaos to the craziness that is our household. He is a great support and superb sounding board.

Chief cook, bottle washer and all round master of trades is me Jane Hill. I run the show with the support of my little family!

Our son Master R who is never afraid to voice an opinion on any and everything!

The Critic

Mr N and Miss E are usually to be found draped on the chair I need to sit on, curled up beside the window or chasing each other around wherever I need to be.

Office Clowns