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About the Home Fragrance Range
I have been making candles to sell since 2010, although as a family we previously made them for our own pleasure.

My Home Fragrance section has something for every one of your home fragrance needs, from exquisite jar candles to fragrance diffusers.

My container candles and melts are made with natural soy wax.
The wax I use is a hydrogenated soy oil and contains a soy-based additive which helps to stabilise the wax during the pouring and cooling stages. It is both natural and kosher and is formaldehyde and paraffin free.

Interesting Fact:  Soy wax can never be classed as ‘organic’ because in order to go from liquid soybean oil to a solid wax, the oil must undergo a chemical change. Due to this chemical change the wax cannot meet an Organic Certification.

I choose to work with soy wax for a number of reasons: Soy has a much lower melt temperature than regular paraffin wax based candles - approximately 10 centigrade lower. Even bees wax, also a natural wax, burns at a much higher temperature than soy;  Soy is a softer wax and much easier to clean up than the harder waxes. Spills can be easily cleaned with hot soapy water; I prefer the scent throw I get from soy wax, for me it is a much less harsh and intrusive fragrance option.

I use premium quality fragrance oils for my fragrance products.
The oils are generally created from a blend of essential oils with  other man made, chemical aroma ingredients. They are phthalate free and are specifically created for use in candles.

My candles cannot be classed as 100% natural due to the addition of fragrance oils.

Wicks are textile grade cotton braid wicks.

My reed diffuser base does not contain alcohol and is not DPG.

Every fragrance and each jar size is rigorously tested to ensure the wick selection is correct for every candle produced.  

I put a lot of love into creating my candles and to help you keep them performing at their best I’ve put together these handy tips.
For more details and prices please visit my online store.  

Bulk and wholesale orders are welcome.