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i know small business, I am one

Do you look at your competitors and wonder how they manage to look so sleek and professsional? Particularly when you know that they are running out of their kitchen/dining room the same as you are? How do they manage to do that?

Just Jane Business Stationery Design

The truth is that once you’ve found your branding basics and learnt to stick to them, keeping a professional and consistent look across the web is easy. And I can help you find your brand and teach you some simple tricks to keep it on track.

I’m not gonna lie though, it will cost you - just not the $1,500 - $3,000 most of the traditional graphic design/branding studios would charge.

You see, I get that you don’t necessarily want to take over the world. I understand that you are running your business in order to help pay for the household expenses whilst also having to be there for the kids and all that they demand! Or maybe your kids have flown the nest but you don’t want to go back to full time work and just need to keep your brain active and your hands busy. I understand that you just don’t have funds and loans associated with your business that enable you to spend thousands on building a brand for your business.

(I also know that you’ve probably just discovered that the price of your insurance has eaten into a very big slice of your available funds!)

I can offer you affordable options and training so that you can quickly and simply get your business branding up and running, and easily keep it consistently looking that way.

I can also help you set up an online store without breaking the bank.

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