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Just Jane is exactly what it says - just me! I design, create, package and label everything you see here.

Each and every product line has been tried and tested to my exacting standards BEFORE it is released for sale … and I am a perfectionist!

Spot checks also occur on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of the candles in particular remains at the tested levels. I take your safety seriously and it is important to me that these potentially dangerous items are consistently manufactured to a high standard.

I am also very lucky to have a super supportive family team behind me … meet them below!

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This is my partner Paul who was the original candle maker in the family … he now holds the role of chief tester and quality control guru.

Chief cook, bottle washer and all round master of trades is me Jane Hill. I run the show with the support of my little family!

Our son Master R who is never afraid to voice an opinion on the fragrance, packaging or delay to his dinner due to mummy designing again!

The Critic

Mr N and Miss E are usually to be found draped on the chair I need to sit on, curled up beside the window or chasing each other around wherever I need to be.

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